July 2, 2015


Warped 2015: How To Take A Perfect Selfie

Ah, the perfect selfie: like a white elephant, so many have sought out the elusive image and all the likes and shares it will inevitably garner after the masses scroll by their beautiful visage— tricked angles, double filters and all. But what really constitutes a "perfect" selfie anyway? Does the lighting matter? What about the camera? Stick or no stick? If you were born ugly, can a perfect selfie really be obtained at all? 

Alright, let's not think too hard about this one, for fear we may all end up as stupid as we are definitely narcissistic. Instead, let's just relax and watch how the pros do it to see if we might pick up a trick or two along our journey to selfie-perfection. At Warped Tour in Pomona we linked up with a bunch of storied selfie-takers including, Bebe Rexha, Motion City Soundtrack, Koo Koo Kangaroo, Senses Fail and a bunch more while they practiced their angles.  Watch above.

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