July 28, 2015


The Weeknd Bursts Into Flames in the Insane "Can't Feel My Face" Video

Update (7/28): If you've seen the Weeknd's "The Hills" video, there's a twinge of familiarity in his new clip for "Can't Feel My Face." And even if you're coming in cold, you'll have no problem enjoying this one.

The music video, which premiered Tuesday on Apple Music, finds the crooner performing his new hit single in front of a club of attentive individuals—including the mysterious man who's spotted at the end of the visual for "The Hills." What's his purpose, as the Weeknd jives and jukes across the stage? Well, let's just say the ending brings a whole new meaning to something being "fire," and it just may bear some significance to the car crash conflagration at the beginning of "The Hills."

Or not. Your call. Watch it above and read on for the initial teaser and story.

Original story (7/28): No problem if you're unable to tell just what form the Weeknd's "Can't Feel My Face" music video will take—if the teaser is any indication, it could go any number of ways.

The brief clip, posted onto Apple Music's Twitter, showcases what will likely be the first 25 seconds of the video, and it's fairly back-to-basics. The singer (and soon-to-be Lollapalooza headliner) is found stepping up to a mic in front of a curtain, the camera positioned in a closeup on—wait for it—his face, eyes sultrily half-open as he croons the first verse.

The full "Can't Feel My Face" video is expected today (July 28) and will likely be an Apple Music exclusive. The track is the new single off the Weeknd's upcoming sophomore album Beauty Behind the Madness, accompanying fellow single "The Hills." The record—featuring only Ed Sheeran and Kanye West—is due Aug. 28.