July 7, 2015


Warped In A Nutshell 3: Jake Ducey, Living The Dream Foundation, TaDa! Catering

It's easy to get caught up in the Vans Warped Tour's extensive list of star-studded talent —over the years the tour has seen everyone from Terror to Katy Perry, Pennywise to Eminem, and everyone in between. But as fervent devotees of festivals and live music in general, we have to remember those behind-the-scenes who add more than just music to the experience.

While on the ground this year, Fuse caught up with our old friend from Warped Roadies, and founder of TaDa! Catering Shelleylyn Brandler, along with a couple of new friends: motivational author Jake Ducey and Kacie Quiqely of the Living The Dream Foundation. 

We learned about the selfless causes they further every day on the tour, whether it be feeding and meeting the dramatically different dietary needs of nearly 1,000 musicians and crew, providing terminally ill fans with unforgettable connections to their favorite Warped artists, or offering up words of inspiration and motivation to anyone who will listen. Watch above for our full montage with the incredible trio.

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