July 6, 2015


Skrillex, Pusha T and Yogi's "Burial" Video Features Dennis Rodman

Yogi, a rising producer and Skrillex and Dr. Dre signee, made a severe banger in 2014 with "Burial." Today, the Skrillex/Moody Good/Trollphace remix gets a video, and it's crazy enough to hold its own with the track. 

Pusha T spits flames over half the decimating song; in the video, he's hard enough that he can get his hair done while a masked crew smashes the crap out of the barbershop. Surprisingly enough, the wrecking crew also doubles as as an amazingly lithe dance crew. If these guys did the "SHOWTIME!" routine on the subway, you'd be foisting bills into their hats as fast as possible.

That's all kind of beside the point, though, because the main thing that happens in this video is Pusha T pulls his face off like a Mission: Impossible mask—while tearing up an ice cream cone—to reveal that he's actually Dennis Rodman, No. 91, friend of North Korea. And, in this video at least, person-burning arsonist.