August 18, 2015


Guitarist Impressively Slays 100 TV Theme Songs in a Single Take

The internet creates a great many excellent mashups, compilations, supercuts and feats of guitar wizardry. The latest—and poised to be one of the very greatest—comes from Reverb and a shredder known only as "local riff-master Joe." Starting with 1930's Looney Tunes, the maestro marches through 100 popular TV themes in a single smooth take, in less than 11 minutes. Waste zero more of your own minutes not watching the video.

As a bonus, Reverb's site has a constantly updating, interactive piece of guitar tablature and sheet music that scrolls directly below the clip.

The video proceeds chronologically through 85 years of television history, touching on the theme songs of series like—deep, cleansing breath—The Simpsons, The Brady Bunch, Parks and Recreation, Cheers, Star Trek: The Next Generation, SpongeBob SquarePants, Doug, The Daily Show, Breaking Bad, Jeopardy! and I Dream of Jeannie. If your favorite favorite show's not in there, at least a dozen of your other faves are.

It's an amazing feat; without missing a beat, Joe tunes up on the fly, throws a slide on his finger for the Breaking Bad theme, switches to a ukulele for Arrested Development, adds in some snaps for The Addams Family and even contributes some hearty vocals here and there. We love you, Local Riff-Master Joe.