August 11, 2015


Go Behind-the-Scenes of 5 Seconds of Summer's Epic "She's Kinda Hot" Vid

Update (8/11): A week ago our Aussie boys dropped a minute-and-a-half long behind-the-scenes clip for their latest music video, "She's Kinda Hot." Today we're gifted the full thing. If you're a Malum (Michael CliffordCalum Hood) girl, well, go ahead and press play. You're in for a real treat.

Original Story (8/4): By now you've seen the absolutely epic "She's Kinda Hot" video. It feels like every pop-punk music video ever created and, simultaneously, none of them. It's an impressive feat!

Possibly the most interesting scene of the visual comes near the end, when 5 Seconds of Summer ride some giant metal car contraption, playing a gig for a few lucky fans in a sleepy suburb. In the first of what is hopefully many behind-the-scenes clips, we see the guys discuss the giant vehicle alongside director Isaac Rentz.

Rentz explained the concept:

"The idea for the 'She's Kinda Hot' video came about when the band said they wanted to do a huge performance that'd announce the song in a really big way. They mentioned that they really liked the movie Mad Max and I thought, 'What's bigger than them playing on top of this crazy-looking parade float/Mad Max vehicle.' It's a cool way to announce their first single and it's a cool way of incorporating their fans, too, showing that they're all in this together."

Watch it here, then read up on everything you need to know about the band.