August 6, 2015


Albert Hammond Jr. Explains Bizarre Intro on His "Born Slippy" Single

Sure, as a member the Strokes, Albert Hammond Jr. has hit all the major festivals. But as a solo artist, the guitarist is pretty much a newbie on the circuit. We caught up with him at Lollapalooza 2015, where he was promoting his just-released Momentary Masters solo album.

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Hammond told us about the very last-minute, instinctual process of naming the LP:

"It's a part of Carl Sagan's Pale Blue Dot. He describes everything we've ever known and done has been on this one planet. He zooming out, the planet's getting smaller and smaller, and he says this 'momentary masters' line and it just hit me in my gut a few hours before I had to decide what he record was called. It just felt right. 

"It was the last thing, but I feel like whenever you're creating something it's constant building blocks. So, if you're doing right, you end up getting things that work. I didn't think of the album artwork at the beginning. but at the end it all tied together very well. Gut feelings are very important if you can hear them."

Fans got the first taste of Momentary Masters via luscious lead single "Born Slippy" (below), which opens with an unexpectedly hilarious voicemail from a woman telling the listener they got "a free consultation from Miss Cleo" and that they should "go wipe your ass." The 35-year-old tell us the back story:

"The song starts with this rant from this woman who called my wife on the phone and was just yelling at her for, I guess, sleeping with her husband. Obviously, that's not what happened. Ben Baptie, who mixed it, found it and put it in the beginning. Once he did that, I couldn't imagine the song without that."

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