August 17, 2015


'Fuse Fresh': Watch the Story Behind Burger Records

For Lee Rickard, all it took was finding a Buddy Holly cassette as a kid. In Sean Bohrman’s case, it was seeing his dad wearing a single skeleton earring when he was still in diapers. Those early life experiences would eventually lead Rickard and Bohrman to form Burger Records, one of the coolest indie rock labels in the world right now. 

In this Fuse Fresh video short, we visit the duo at their Fullerton, California headquarters to learn more about their label and how they’ve managed to build a community on their own terms.

Founded in 2007, while Rickard and Bohrman were still members of the power-pop band Thee Makeout Party!, Burger Records has been at the forefront of the cassette revival, releasing music by such artists as Mikal Cronin, Diarrhea Planet and The Aquadolls.

Rickard and Bohrman also cofounded Burgerama, an annual music festival in Southern California, and the two twentysomethings operate a record store in the same space where they run all of Burger Records-related activities. In our Fuse Fresh piece, we dig into the label’s simple business model and why they do what they do.