August 20, 2015


Cody Simpson's "Livin Easy" Becomes a Euphoric House Jam on Must-Hear Remix

On his first self-released album FreeCody Simpson ditched the pop sound he initially broke out with for an acoustic-leaning LP that showcases the singer-guitarist as he was always meant to be with "no more corporate or record label influence," as he explained on Instagram. And while we love the relaxed vibe of the record, that doesn't mean the tunes can't get some fun dance reworks, right?

Fuse is proud to exclusively serve the Leeyou & Danceey remix of "Livin Easy," one of the standouts on Free. The Albanian-born DJs replace the original's acoustic guitar and marimbas (which you can hear below) with a disco-house beat that have earned the likes of Disclosure and Duke Dumont critical praise. While it's a major sonic shift, if anything the euphoric production further hones in the airy message of "Livin Easy."

And Simpsonizers, don't worry about Cody's guitar work getting stripped away: He's given his cosign to the mix, telling Fuse: 

"It's great when other genres can borrow from one another. I appreciate what these guys did with my song; it's always cool to hear a new take on something you created. It's like looking at a painting from a different angle, the picture is the same, but you see it differently."

Simpson is currently on tour throughout the fall. Show your support for Free by purchasing on iTunes or streaming on Spotify—it's not often you see an 18-year-old self-releasing albums and this one's definitely worth a listen.