August 27, 2015


Watch Dave Grohl Make a Foo Fighters Fan's Birthday Beer Wish Come True

Dave Grohl, the ever-likable, throne-bound guy that he is, made one Foo Fighters fan’s deepest birthday wish come true on Wednesday night near Detroit, and of course it was captured on video. Watch above as Grohl invites a dude celebrating his birthday onstage for a beer and a toast.

“I know it’s your 50th birthday,” Grohl said to the fan, a man named Griffin. “We’ve got a lot of songs we’ve got to play tonight. I’m going to share this beer with you, then I’ve got to do my job.”

How did Griffin end up onstage? He brought a simple handwritten sign that said, “It’s my 50th. Let’s have a beer!!”

“Griffin went to Office Depot and bought one piece of cardboard and a magic marker,” Grohl laughed. “There you go. That’s all it takes.” After taking a chug with the fan, Grohl shook his hand, wished him a happy birthday, and then jokingly added, “Now get the fuck off my stage.”