August 13, 2015


Watch 13-Year-Old Girl Slam Donald Trump in "Dear Mr. Trump" Song

If last week’s Republican presidential debate had you leaping for dear life off the Donald Trump bandwagon, you're not alone; social media made that pretty obvious. But one girl was so incensed that it moved her to write a song—and she's not even close to being legally able to vote.

Last Sunday, Molly Bergman posted to YouTube "Dear Mr. Trump," a song in which the formalities stop with the title as the 13-year-old launches into a criticism of the businessman-slash-presidential candidate atop lightly strummed acoustic guitar.

"Dear Mr. Trump: stop being such a chump," she begins, and then it's off to the races with the rhymes while fairly unflattering photos of Trump are flashed on screen.

Bergman admits that she, like many Americans, was the epitome of ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ when Trump began his campaign, but has reached the end of her rope. "It was fun at first, but now you blow," she sings sweetly. "I don't want to alarm ya/ And I'm sure I'd like Melania / But wouldn't it be shady if she was our First Lady?" That line is followed with a particularly amazing photo of Donald Trump's hair as a bird.

Not that her song will cause a sea change in public opinion by any means—Trump still leads many public opinion polls despite a showing in the debate that seemed only to make his campaign even more divisive—but hey, it'll give her an interesting talking point as school starts back up, right?