August 13, 2015


Fat Mike Offers "Hipster" $100 To Leave NOFX Show

Earlier this week we published an interview with NOFX frontman Fat Mike wherein the guy reflected on the last 25 years of his label, Fat Wreck Chords. It's an impressive feat, running a completely independent record dedicated to putting out the same kind of pop-punk for generations to come.

Today the guy is making headlines for other reasons. At a recent gig in Halifax, Mike spotted a "hipster" in the front row of his gig and did the only logical thing: He offered the guy $100 to leave his show, right then and there.

"Yeah, you know what? You have no business being here. I will pay you $100 to leave this show," Mike told the guy in the crowd. "Are you going to stand in front and bother me all day with your f-cking tie dye shirt and your beard?"

Instead of forcing the guy to leave, FM ended up buying the tie dye shirt off the dude's back for a whopping $20. Watch it above, then peep that exclusive interview right here.