August 24, 2015


The Foo Fighters Did a Real-Life Rickroll on Westboro Baptist Protesters

If there was ever a group of people that needed to be trolled, the Westboro Baptist Church would be a top contender. Which is why you've got to see how the Foo Fighters reacted to them protesting a recent concert. 

As Westboro Baptist members picketed outside the Sprint Center in Kansas City, Mo., the Foos responded by driving right up to the protesters and playing Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up"—a.k.a. the Internet's original method of trolling, when you'd tell your friends to watch a great YouTube video and it'd be Astley's 1987 hit, now and forever known as the Rickroll.

Watch the above video to see the band distract from Westboro's hatred by blasting the song from their pickup truck, Dave Grohl rocking out and drummer Taylor Hawkins touting the perfect sign: "YOU GOT RICK ROLL'D." People flooded into the street to catch the act on their iPhones, causing a ton of chaos and undoubtedly accomplished the mission to dismiss any respectable look the controversial, hate-prone group was trying to create.

The Foo Fighters are the latest act to brilliantly troll the Westboro Baptist Church, following Kesha and Brendon Urie's must-see moves. And the Foos actually tangoed with the organization in 2011 outside the very same venue—in costume: