August 18, 2015


Nathan Sykes Admits He Writes Music While Naked

Since capturing the hearts of millions as a member of The Wanted, Nathan Sykes has reinvented himself as a solo artist. The 22-year-old singer, who dropped his debut single "Kiss Me Quick" in May, stopped by Fuse's Got Ur # to discuss his new sound and what inspires his songwriting.

Naming Justin TimberlakeRobbie Williams and Nick Jonas as successful acts who have paved the way for solo band members, Sykes seemed nothing short of—yup—psyched to carve a name for himself. "It's really cool to know that you can almost go through a complete reintroduction of yourself," he says, "and people who weren't necessarily fans of the band can go, 'Oh, I like what you're doing.'"

Sykes also explained that his solo sound, unlike The Wanted's pop-heavy beats, is more soulful and R&B-influenced. And while he branched off from the British band musically, he seems to have also personally cut ties to certain people in the industry.

"When we finished with The Wanted, there was this moment in my life where all the press and all that sort of stuff just, like, stopped," Sykes says. "And then a certain someone—not gonna name names—just stopped talking to me."

On the bright side, the singer was able to pen a song from the experience, which he apparently wrote while...showering. Praising bathrooms for their lack of distractions, Sykes prefers to literally cleanse his body and mind when thinking of new music: "I write all my songs naked, basically."

He also revealed which artists he wouldn't mind smooching in a quick game of "Kiss or Dismiss," which you can check out below. Don't miss an all-new episode of Got Ur # Tuesday at 7/6c! Find Fuse in your area with our channel finder.