August 17, 2015


Saint Motel Describe Their "My Type" Video as "Retrofuturism"

Since debuting their first EP in 2009, LA-based singers Saint Motel have released a full-length album, played in front of sold-out crowds and climbed the charts with their breakout single, "My Type." The band stopped by Got Ur # this week to discuss their unique aesthetic and how their style both transcends time and inspires nostalgia.

Describing their 2012 full-length project as "'50s to '60s tropicana world," lead singer A/J Jackson deems 2014 single "My Type" as more "early '70s cigarette ads and New York street photography." The song's video, however, does not represent one particular time period.

"We didn't want it to be a period piece. Obviously, it's not if you watch it. It's not accurate to any time. Hopefully by not being accurate to any time, it serves all time—retrofuturism," Jackson told Fuse.

Last year, Saint Motel also participated in a Wes Anderson tribute album, titled I Saved Latin! A Tribute to Wes Anderson. As big fans of the revenge montage in Anderson's Rushmore, the indie pop performers recorded "A Quick One While He's Away" for the tribute compilation.

Drummer Greg Erwin also spoke on experiencing fan reactions to the John Green film Paper Towns, whose soundtrack featured "My Type."

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