August 20, 2015


Kelly Clarkson Announces Pregnancy (And Covers Demi Lovato)

The name Kelly Clarkson evokes many descriptors, all of which feel warm and inviting: She's a talent, a mom, a sweetheart, a Texan. If there was ever a celebrity who needed less help developing her #brand, it's Kelly, a fun force forever dedicated to being herself. It makes her performances feel genuine, as if she's sharing secrets with us. 

Last night, Clarkson did just that. At her Los Angeles gig at the Staples Center, the "Heartbeat Song" singer announced that she's pregnant with her second child. "I wasn't planning on announcing...[I'm] totally pregnant," she told the crowd. "That was not planned. I just didn't want you to think I was crazy or something. Honestly, I'm so hormonal today. Nothing's wrong. Everything's great. I haven't vomited yet." Watch it above.

That's not the only surprise! In honor of her pal Demi Lovato's birthday, Clarkson launched into a slow-burning rendition of D's seasonal smash, "Cool For The Summer." It's heavily acoustic, but Clarkson is able to sustain a level of force in the song's fiery chorus. There's no way to really strip this bad boy down.

Watch that below, then peep our list of the Top 20 Disney songs by pop stars. Guess who's on it?