August 19, 2015


Kelly Clarkson Sings Embarrassing Tinder Profiles on 'Kimmel'

Writing a profile on any form of social media is tough—go see how lame your Facebook bio reads right now—but it's particularly tricky on a dating app like the oh-so-popular Tinder. Most people try to strike a balance of seeming cool while also revealing a little quirk to stand out. Sometimes (well, let's be honest, usually) the profiles wind up totally awkward and hilarious, and that's why Jimmy Kimmel Live! decided to have diva supreme Kelly Clarkson sing them for us in dramatic, passionate fashion.

Watch above as Clarkson belts out Tinder profiles that include all the cringe-worthy info people think is important to include to get someone to swipe right. From the banal ("I'm 5'9") to the bizarre ("I love my hairless cat") and, of course, the shameless ("I'm looking to slip it into something"), Kelly delivers each profile with the gusto and big vocals that have earned her three GRAMMYs to date.

It's the latest (and perhaps greatest) live performance of pop stars singing actual words from social media, following Josh Groban's gorgeous take on Donald Trump's tweets. (Also great: Sir Ian Gandalf McKellen doing serious readings of "Bad Blood" and "Uptown Funk.")