August 10, 2015


Watch Your Favorite Lollapalooza Acts Ask Each Other Incredible Questions

By now, you've seen all our exclusive interviews while we were on the ground at Lollapalooza this year (and if you haven't, what are you waiting for?). While we love asking our favorite artists questions about their new music, fans. performing and more, what happens when we flip the game on its head and have the artists ask each other questions?

Lollapalooza 2015: Full Coverage

Watch above as the likes of Twenty One PilotsMarina and the DiamondsWalk the MoonMS MRWhite Sea, The Chainsmokers and many more send incredible questions to one another.

Don't miss Marina putting "#Selfie" DJs The Chainsmokers on the spot when she asks the duo if "they've ever shagged a fan and if so, how many?" to which they guys say, "What the hell Marina? You better hope our girlfriends don't see this or we're going to get you" before revealing the answer. Then White Sea's Morgan Kibby gets "Shut Up an Dance" outfit Walk the Moon to reveal their most embarrassing onstage moment which includes 12,000 Pink fans booing them when their drums got caught in a curtain.

No doubt these Lolla artists are forcing us to step up our interview game. Check out all of Fuse's on-the-ground coverage from Lollapalooza 2015 right here.