August 10, 2015


Mutemath Talk Upcoming Album, Music Video for New Single "Monument"

It's been five years since Mutemath played Lollapalooza, but the NOLA outfit came to the Chicago fest with their crowd-pleasing alt-rock tunes along with new material from their upcoming LP—their first in four years. Fuse caught up with the band to talk new music.

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Lead singer Paul Meany explained the long wait to record new songs:

"We just made a decision, we wanted to take our time. Transition, experience life a little bit, not rush an album. 

"I would certainly say it's a departure a bit. We changed up the formula and palette of sound. The way we looked song ideas and how we dressed them; we tried to get away with as little as we would do to a song. That was process of growth for us, because we had never put those kind of parameters on ourselves."

Meanwhile, drummer Darren King got us hyped when he talked about the band's upcoming music video for the record's first single "Monument."

"It's a very fun part of the process to be dreaming up 'what ifs,' because the goal is to never let there be a bad idea so nobody feels so stupid if they say, 'Well, what if we get shot out of canons into a bowl of's a fun phase coming up a video for the single."

No timeline set for the Mutemath's upcoming music, but count us in if canons and jello are involved in any way, shape or form. Look out for Mutemath on tour all this fall and don't miss all of Fuse's on-the-ground coverage from Lollapalooza 2015 right here.