August 7, 2015


The Chainsmokers Announce Fall Tour at Lollapalooza 2015

With fans everywhere snapping selfies and wanting to be like "Kanye," The Chainsmokers have become a worldwide success for their infectious beats. The EDM-house duo made their Lollapalooza debut this year and exclusively revealed to Fuse the plans for their upcoming autumn tour.

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Announcing The Friend Zone Tour—set to hit 37 cities this fall—Alex Pall revealed that he and fellow member Drew Taggart have been working on their show for the last year. After doing a "test run" of their revamped visuals at Firefly Festival with amazing results, they're ready to hit the road.

"It's 3-D projection mapping, which a lot of deejays don't use; they usually use LED panels," Taggart told Fuse. "It's a three-dimensional cube type thing. That's kind of how we feel our music looks like."

With a huge tour set to launch and a couple of radio hits already under their belts, The Chainsmokers have fans wondering about a potential full-length album.

"We'd like to definitely work toward a more comprehensive body of work. For now, we're just gonna keep rolling out tracks. It's nice to have a consistent flow of content instead of doing one big album and then nothing for a little while. It works well for us," Taggart explained.

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