August 5, 2015


Marina and the Diamonds Explains "Blue" Video at Lollapalooza 2015

Marina and the Diamonds headed into her first Lollapalooza performance hot off premiering her "Blue" video. So we went ahead and caught up with the Welsh singer to talk about how she created the whimsical yet depressing visual.

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"'Blue,' the video, was filmed at the U.K.'s oldest pleasure park, [Dreamland], an incredible theme park; very traditional," Marina told Fuse. "I just wanted to film myself lolling around, having a tragically great time on roller coasters. It was very much an aesthetically driven video."

Along with the complicated and honest relationship themes in "Blue," there are loads of poignant lyrics fans have connected with on Marina's new album Froot—which, FYI, were all 100 percent written by her. We had to ask about one of our favorite lines from the title track, "I've been saving all my summers for you," to see what Marina herself would save her all her summers for.

"The meaning of 'I've been saving all my summers for you' lyric is about someone you love," she explains, before deciding, "But in terms of everyday stuff, I would save all my summers for Krispy Kreme doughnuts! I do really like them."

Watch the full interview above for more from the singer on her first Lolla show, her American fans and more. Don't miss all of our on-the-ground coverage from Lollapalooza 2015.