August 25, 2015


'Metal Gear Solid V' Just Got a Massive Five-Minute Trailer

If you're ready to get emotional as hell over a video game (whether or not today's release of Madden NFL 16 already did that to ya), go on and push play on that meaty trailer for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. It's five minutes, so clear your schedule. Kotaku says the back half's spoilery; beware.

The clip goes all the way back to 1998's original Playstation Metal Gear Solid in its pixelated, narratively revolutionary glory. Polygon astutely notes that this clip is purely for the fans. "There is no attempt to bring in new fans," they write, "or to explain what's going on; you've either already purchased the ticket to this particular journey, or you're going to be a bit confused about what you're going to see."

While a number of Metal Gear spinoff games have appeared throughout the series' history, it's been seven interminable years since Metal Gear Solid V's official predecessor, June '08's Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots. This one's being discussed as creator/gamer god Hideo Kojima's finale, 28 years after he started this whole thing with the first Metal Gear. (Although, Polygon says, "Konami is removing his name from the game's branding," which, WTF?)

MGSV: The Phantom Pain drops on September 1 on all the things you play console games on.