August 13, 2015


Surprise! Robin Thicke Is Quite Likable in New Video ft. Nicki Minaj

Robin Thicke's infamous "Blurred Lines" video saw the crooner controversially hanging out with naked models, helping him later be named Sexist of the Year by the End Violence Against Women Coalition. For his new video, Robin's still chasing after chicks, but now he's more of a punching bag for the ladies.

Watch the just-unveiled visual for Thicke's slinky comeback single "Back Together" that presents a much more likable version of the singer as a love interest pushes him into the pool and another pours a martini on him. Later in the video, featured guest Nicki Minaj raps her verse while performing a sexy dance for Robin, but there's no touching here. Even when Rob reaches for her hand, Nicki wags her finger and peaces out.

With its addictive synth-pop production and charming video, "Back Together" is doing a pretty good job at making us forget about Thicke's recent blunders like his misguided Paula album and bizarre acting stint.

The new single feels like a make-or-break moment for the singer, which, so far, has seen everything running mostly smoothly despite the fact that it has yet to make a chart debut. Can Robin make a successful comeback? We'll be eagerly watching.