August 4, 2015


'SKEE TV' Exclusive: Little Dragon Recall Their Early Days

Ahead of the second season of Fuse's  SKEE TV, premiering Friday, Oct. 2 at 10/9c, we're serving up DJ Skee's exclusive interview with Little Dragon. In this InFocus video, the Swedish electro-pop band wax poetic on their early days writing together and the power of making music just to do it.

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"[When we started] we weren't even officially a band. We were just making music because we love to make music," singer Yukimi Nagaon says. "We all had that genuine need to create and write. It wasn't anything about the business. Pretty much the whole first album was written without a label or even the thought of seeing our music on an album."

They mean it. Before gaining any sort of popularity, the band remembers their modest beginnings. "I think it was when we started playing live and when we first released our little single. I think it was 'Test' and 'Forever.' Some friends of ours released it on a little 7"," Nagaon explained. "That was a defining moment because you [finally] have a name, a band name."

There's something noble about making music for the sake of creativity, completely outside of business. It's what makes Little Dragon—and the music they admire—so powerful. "The music that I like, or the music that makes me feel really good, even if it's sad music, it just puts you in a certain space," Nagaon told us. "When we make music it's a lot of sounds and elements that has an escapism feel." Watch it above!

SKEE TV season 2 premieres Friday, Oct. 2 at 10/9c. Find Fuse in your area, and learn more about SKEE TV here.