August 18, 2015


Watch Steve Aoki & Fall Out Boy's Kickass, Sci-Fi Video for "Back to Earth"

Fall Out Boy teaming with Steve Aoki for "Back to Earth" was already an unexpected musical output and the science fiction, action flick-theme of its accompanying video is another delightful surprise.

Premiered on Billboard, "Back to Earth" sees FOB and Aoki rock out on their respective instruments while a cinematic story line plays out as a mystical heroine fights half-robot men in the forest. Like any good sci-fi flick, there are kickass fight scenes, laser guns, and jumps to different time portals and dimensions.

"Back to Earth" isn't the first time FOB's thrown us a curve ball with their collaborations. Earlier this year, the guys hit the road with Wiz Khalifa on their joint Boys of Zummer tour—which brings out a Guy Fieri-branded food stand, more crop tops than adults and much more.

Along with The DoorsKaren O, Perry Farrell and more, FOB is the latest rock act to embrace EDM, and this might be the most fun venture from a group yet.