August 6, 2015


Public Service Announcement: Don't Grab Taylor Swift...Ever

Taylor Swift doesn't settle. Things always seem to go her way because she makes sure of it, only surrounding herself with the best and brightest, never giving up without a fight. Hell, she'll even break your camera if you violate her rules.

Last night at the Edmonton date of her ginormous 1989 world tour, some gross dude flung himself on the stage's edge in an attempt to touch the starlet.

During "Bad Blood," the dude succeeds in grazing Taylor, but doesn't manage to grab her, as it looks like he's trying to do. She looks terrified, then throws him a fatal death stare. With Tay's newfound emphasis on feminism, we really wish she would've let the whole arena know it's not cool to just grab a performer. Since she didn't, we will: Don't touch women, ever. Don't touch performers, ever. Check your entitlement at the door, please.

Got it? Good. Now click through pics of Tay's "Bad Blood" girl gang.