August 24, 2015


The Weeknd's Kanye-Produced "Tell Your Friends" Has a Rad New Video

Last we saw the Weeknd, he was bursting into flames at the end of the "Can't Feel My Face" video. That finale segues perfectly into the intro to "Tell Your Friends," which opens on a flaming tree at sunrise. The luscious visual moves into grim territory from there, with someone burying a plastic-wrapped body that's singing along with the silky song. It looks like Abel in the grave, although the man heaping on the dirt is...also Abel?

"Tell Your Friends" is one of a small handful of non-Weeknd-produced cuts on the imminent Beauty Behind the Madness album, the Canadian's sophomore LP, due this Friday, Aug. 28. Kanye supplied the instrumental for this one.

The clip abruptly cuts off when the Weeknd blasts the aging, red-haired figure who menaced the last two videos—so violent for such a peaceful song! Then we're hearing what may or may not be another song from the album, which we may or may not have heard already. 

Okay, we have, and it is: That's the Beauty Behind the Madness opener, "Real Life," you're hearing at the 2:53 mark. Now you know this record kicks off with giant '80s arena rock guitars.

"Tell Your Friends" was directed by Grant Singer, who did the Weeknd's narratively related "The Hills" and "Can't Feel My Face" videos. He also did Yogi, Skrillex and Pusha T's fucking bananas "Burial" video as well as Vic Mensa and Kanye West's similarly wild "U Mad."