August 3, 2015


'Shrek,' 'Pulp Fiction' and 278 More Movies Sing "Uptown Funk" Together

Looks like today's sensational clip of Doug Funnie singing "Trap Queen" has some competition. YouTube's dondrapersayswhat spent three months making 280 movies sing through Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson's "Uptown Funk," and the result is as good as any product the internets have to offer.

Watch it above. It's significantly shorter than any of the movies it's been Frankensteined from. Dondrapersayswhat has also made movies sing "Baby Got Back," "Ice Ice Baby" and "Don't Stop Believing." The username comes from a beautiful Mad Men supercut.

Among the films which will sing this funkiest of singles to you: Back to the Future, Pulp Fiction, Finding Nemo, The Breakfast Club, Terminator, The Sandlot, Napoleon Dynamite, Beetlejuice, The Dark Knight Rises, Fantastic Mr. Fox, Austin Powers, American Pie and The Godfather. Also: Shrek.

"Uptown Funk" got a slew of viral interpretations earlier this year—old folks, a schoolwide lip dub that looked like Glee come to life and a peppy Fifth Harmony edition among them. The tune popped back up in mid-July when Sir Ian McKellen did a dramatic reading of it alongside Taylor Swift's "Bad Blood."