September 30, 2015


Watch 5 Seconds of Summer's Beloved Bodyguard Twerk With Kesha

The player above actually plays; don't let the thumbnail trick you.

This one is for the diehard fans. If you're totally, completely, head-over-heels obsessed with 5 Seconds of Summer, you know the boys are super tight with their bodyguard, Dave. (Will we ever know his last name? Is his first name even Dave? Let the conspiracy theories commence!) 

Before the Aussie boys were blessed with his presence, the British bodyguard was working with none other than Kesha. The best part? He makes more than a couple appearances on her incredible MTV reality show, My Crazy Beautiful Life.

At around the 17:30 mark in the video above, catch Kesha and Dave twerking to some of the "Tik Tok" lady's hits. It's completely hilarious, and we only hope the 5 Seconds of Summer boys bear witness to it.

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