September 22, 2015


Watch Amy Winehouse Explore NYC in Heartbreaking Deleted Film Scene

The summer release of the documentary Amy proved just how fresh our wounds still were from Amy Winehouse's death. The critically praised film spotlighted the singer's demons in a new light with never-before-seen footage and personal video clips. 

Ahead of the doc's October 27 digital release, Amy has released a deleted doc clip where we get to see a pre-Back to Black Winehouse tourist it up around New York. The singer shows her signature humor (giving her best Eastern European accent) and playful nature throughout. 

But also, heartbreakingly, we get a quick glimpse of the insecurities Amy battled on a daily basis. While her friend has been shakily recording their adventures on a handheld camera, at one point Amy tells him, "Why are you filming me that close? I'm ugly" before the scene ends. Whether or not she was joking, Winehouse's brother Alex previously revealed the singer had a continuous battle with bulimia and the clip could be a quick look inside how Amy viewed herself.

Amy will drop digitally on October 27. You can pre-order it on iTunes now. Check out the haunting trailer to the documentary below.