September 30, 2015


Dan Deacon Talks Technology and Audience Psychology at Landmark 2015

At Washington, D.C.'s Landmark Music Festival over the weekend, a very enthusiastic Dan Deacon had a little chat with Fuse. 

"When I put out Gliss Riffer," the electronic maestro said of his 2015 full-length, "I wasn't thinking about how AutoCorrect would change what it was to people." Folks started thinking the title was Glass Riffer, Glass Rafter and Glass Rapper, but Deacon did his best to roll with it.

The 34-year-old Baltimore resident finds it more than a little weird that "my music is made with computers and technology is like the epicenter of where my work is," but "technology not only makes it possible for me to do what I'm doing but also is screwing with me."

Deacon also spoke to us about the difference between sports fandom and music fandom. "It's very different psychology," he said, "even though it's both large crowds that are there to celebrate something together." It's really compelling stuff; check it out.