September 22, 2015


Toronto Orchestra Gives Drake's "Know Yourself" the Strings Treatment

If any symphony orchestra was going to cover Drake, it simply had to be Toronto's.

At the Polaris Prize Gala, the orchestra performed a rousing rendition of the hometown rapper's If You're Reading This It's Too Late track, now a staple of Drizzy's discography largely thanks to its "runnin' through the 6 with my WOES!" bit. It's not too stark a departure; the original's opening synth lines are eerily strings-esque anyway, so the real draw was the booming cello that takes over Drake's verses.

Don't lie: This orchestra rendition would absolutely rock if Drake was rapping over it, too. This needs to happen. If such a collaboration were to occur, the TSO might have to work a bit to catch the rapper with some free time; he just released new mixtape What a Time to Be Alive, a collaborative joint with Future, late Sunday while he continues to prep new his next album, Views from the 6.