September 21, 2015


Ellie Goulding Rides a Horse Into a Casino in Her "On My Mind" Video

If within your soul is some sort of trigger that takes you back to your less-than-desirable gambling days the moment you hear that unmistakable jingle every single slot machine plays, steer clear of Ellie Goulding's new video for "On My Mind."

Otherwise, the clip for Goulding's new single is a fine little visual. The singer travels to Las Vegas and hangs in a hotel penthouse, where she is verbally berated by some dude while staring pensively into the camera.

Later, she opts to ride a horse into a casino, which apparently bothers no one—least of all the doorman, who just holds it wide open for her like this is some regular occurrence (which, Vegas, so maybe). The dude who was yelling at her earlier? Only slightly inconvenienced that suddenly there are two women on horses in his office, which is probably a decent-sized office and he makes bank and such, but still, just slightly. His reaction ranges from initial surprise to mild annoyance. He's promptly tied up and robbed. Horses gotta eat.

This video is great. You should watch. "On My Mind" is the new single off Goulding's third album, Delirium, out Nov. 6.