September 14, 2015


JoJo Wants Flip Phones and Dinosaurs to Make a Comeback

After dropping her long-awaited "tringle" last month, it's clear that JoJo is more than ready to make a return to the R&B scene. Just 24 years old, the singer is often deemed "pop's youngest veteran," having steadily racked up a fanbase for over a decade. On the latest episode of Got Ur #, she revisits her childhood days with a game of "Bring It Back," calling out old favorites that should make a comeback.

On '90s looks, JoJo eagerly expresses her love for baggy clothing. "['90s fashion] is already back! Baggy clothes and stuff—I think that's hot on girls. I like baggy stuff with heels or with sneakers," she tells Fuse.

After picking New Edition as her ideal boy band comeback, JoJo was asked to name an old movie to bring back, to which she immediately answered, "Jurassic Park." And just to emphasize how badass dinosaurs are, she called out The Land Before Time, too.

Check out the exclusive clip, and don't miss JoJo on this week's episode of Got Ur # Tuesday at 7/6c on Fuse! Not sure where to watch? Find Fuse in your area with our channel finder.