September 8, 2015


Melanie Martinez Plays "Boys or Toys" on 'Got Ur #'

After revealing plans for her potentially badass, Rihanna-channeling tattoo, Melanie Martinez also shared her true feelings about the importance of toys in her life. Playing a game of "Boys or Toys" on an episode of Got Ur #, the singer had to pick between one or the other in various situations.

Martinez unsurprisingly went with "boys" when asked whom she'd rather snuggle with, explaining, "I have a giant teddy bear, which is cool, and I have this cute baby beluga stuffed animal that's cool to cuddle with. But they don't have emotions, you know? I wanna snuggle and talk."

Martinez also pondered over whom she'd rather fight with and travel with, but it was the "Who would you rather lose?" question that truly stumped the "Pity Party" performer.

The 20-year-old ultimately chose to lose the boy and later added, "Toys make me happier. I can have them forever. Boys are never a forever thing unless you're getting married, which I don't plan on doing."

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