September 22, 2015


See People Eat Ikea Food for the First Time & Give Their Reviews

Oh, Ikea. The magical land of Ektorp loveseats, Jansjö work lamps and $5 plates of Swedish meatballs. 

But not everyone has experienced that last aspect Swedish furniture store has to offer (full disclosure: neither has this writer...and this writer has no plans to either), but you can watch as BuzzFeed has four people take their first tastes of roasted cauliflower, lingonberry juice boxes and, of course, the meatballs.

Their reviews range from glowing ("I would love to like wake up every morning with just a spoon of this in my mouth") to harsh ("Why's there so much water in the beans?") to even business-minded ("Value is off the charts").

Watch the video above, relive your first experience and then share your stories below to try to convince me why I should ever eat at Ikea.