September 18, 2015


Jessica Simpson Had a Really Good Time on the Home Shopping Network

Jessica Simpson had a good time on the Home Shopping Network. A really, really good time.

The singer and actress appeared on The List With Colleen Lopez on Thursday and slurred her way through the telethon while also giving credit where credit's apparently due to her sister Ashlee.

"Ashlee is, like, the best at wearing gray," she gushed to her counterparts. "My sister. Like, she's very rock 'n' roll but there is something about a gray that's, like, sexy." She went on to insinuate that Ashlee and her husband, Evan Ross, "share jeans."

Just having a good time? Yeah, possibly. Either way, some Twitter users called the singer drunkstoned or just generally "wasted." Though it's important to remember that Simpson was known in her reality show heyday for being anything but straightforward and vanilla in her daily life. Maybe this is just Jessica doing Jessica. You do you, gurl.

Meanwhile, the 35-year-old has been at work on her eighth studio album. If it means we can see more interviews like this during the album promo cycle, sign us up.