September 28, 2015


JoJo Expresses "When Love Hurts" With Her Fingers in Stunning New Video

Last month, JoJo made her grand return to the pop scene with not one, but three incredible new singles. Today, the first gets its music video with "When Love Hurts," which sounds like Jo's best bet to return to Top 40 radio.

If releasing three singles at once was an unconventional comeback, the pop-star underdog's new video follows suit. Instead of opting for full-out dance numbers, JoJo & Co. focus on creative finger and arm choreography throughout the video. Look out for a kaleidoscope of digits surrounding JoJo's face paired with scenes of voguing and other impressive dance formations with a focus on subtlety rather than flashiness.

While there are, of course, a ton of glamour shots and big attitude, we dig that JoJo didn't go the usual, visual route most pop stars would go with a new video and it makes us further intrigued about what surprises are in store for her comeback album, her first LP in a decade.

While we celebrate JoJo's return, see what else the R&B-pop star is hoping makes a comeback soon in our exclusive interview right here.