September 16, 2015


Justin Bieber & Bryan Adams: The "Baby" Performance You've Always Wanted

When Bryan Adams got his first real six-string nearly a half-century ago, do you think he dreamed he'd one day use the skill to back up one of the world's chief teen heartthrobs—like, say, Justin Bieber?

Regardless of intent, that's exactly what happened at Universal Inside in Berlin, Germany, yesterday, when Adams and Bieber teamed to perform the latter's tried-and-true breakthrough single "Baby."

It's Bieber on vocals (and Ludacris' rap section!) and Adams wielding acoustic guitar on the live performance, but fret not, for Adams pops up with backing vox on the chorus. While Adams and the crowd sings along, Bieber quips, "It's an oldie but a goodie."

It sure is, Justin. It sure is.

Bieber's performance precedes the release of his new album, due November 13 and with lead single "What Do You Mean?" already a Billboard No. 1 song. How did he stage his comeback? We have some thoughts.