September 1, 2015


This Is What It'd Be Like If Kanye West Was a Stand-Up Comic

Kanye West made a poignant, turnt speech at Sunday night's MTV VMAs. It was long, observational, and ended in a promise for presidential candidacy in 2020.

But what if everyone received 'Ye like he was going full Seinfeld? What if "I still don't understand award shows!" was the intro to a bunch of finely tuned jokes jokes? What if "I still don't understand!" was Kanye's comedic catchphrase? 

YouTuber David Elmaleh has the answer. Watch it above. 

Kanye going into comedy wouldn't be so cray; he worked with Chris Rock on My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, has expressed his admiration for Will Ferrell on numerous occasions, and cameoed in Anchorman 2. He also, of course, dabbles in a boatload of non-musical affairs. So if the dude wants to follow up his Yeezus Tour with a stand-up run, we're there.