September 30, 2015


Houndmouth Get Weird With Americana at Landmark Music Festival

Earlier this year, Louisville's Houndmouth released their second full-length, Little Neon Limelight. It was a different sound for the Americana-rock group, one they're still learning to experiement with live. We talked to the band about that and more at the first ever Landmark Music Festival.

"Our monitor mixes are whack, you know? We don't know how to work those things but I think we definitely play them different then the way we recorded them," Matt Myers of the band jokes. "That's just kind of how things work. They just take different shape. You're going to get bored with some songs, especially the songs we're playing with this record. We were playing them a little bit before the record came out so we had more time to get bored with them and mold them in a different way."

Keyboardist Katie Toupin agrees, "I think Americana in general has just been beaten into the ground. We wanted to get more experimental on this record. We did it with [producer] Dave Cobb in Nashville and he was down to try different things."

Cobb definitely had serious influence on the band, as Myers describes. "He grew up in the same realm, kind of. We called him like, 'Let's not do another Americana record' and we were like, 'Oh yeah, we're totally down. It's good.' He said, 'Let's put our hats on and get weird.'"

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