September 29, 2015


The Joy Formidable Talk Life in D.C. at Landmark Music Festival

Welsh indie-rockers the Joy Formidable have a surprising relationship with Washington, D.C., home to the first annual Landmark Music Festival. Frontwoman Rhiannon "Ritzy" Bryan used to live in the nation's capital. "It's such a beautiful city for a festival. For me, I used to live here straight out of college. I came to D.C. on a whim. I remember coming out the subway and walking onto the mall and just kind of being like, 'Blimey!'" she told Fuse onsite at the fest.

"D.C. has always been great. We've always enjoyed playing here," bassist Rhydian Dafydd Davies adds. "It's very much a musical city. You kind of sense that in every gig we've done."

It's an exciting time for the band. They've just finished recording a third studio album, their first in two years. Ritzy explains: 

"We built a studio called the Red Brick in North Whales where I grew up. We've been holed away, really, for the last 12 months. It's quite a different album, I think. It's really live. Three of us in the studio, 12 months, great vibe, not recorded on the road...which is fine, we've done that for the last two albums, but it's definitely been a little bit of a different approach and we can't wait to share it with you guys!" 

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