September 9, 2015


Lil Wayne Puts His Spin on Historic Moments in Sports Commentary

The latest in a long string of fantastic ESPN visits from Lil Wayne is here. Rather than back-and-forth-ing with a panel, Weezy went outside the lines this time to have some fun with sports history. The goal, per ESPN, was to have Wayne slap "his own personal spin on some of the most famous play-by-play calls in sports history."

So, yeah, Weezy doing sports announcer impressions is what we need on the next album, 100 percent.

Tunechi didn't just read the classic moments word for word. There's some serious flavor in there, stuff like: 

"We've got 10 seconds. The countdown is going on right now. ... Five seconds. Why are we counting? It's hockey, no one scores in five seconds, I don't know why we're...anyway: 'Do you believe in miracles?!' Yes. Kinda. Kinda, depends on the miracle. Miracle Whip? Yes." 

Best music-related thing to happen on ESPN since Lil B went on to talk about which NBA players he's cursed. Lil Wayne's latest non-ESPN appearance is on today's brand new Juicy J mixtape, 100% JuiceStream and/or download that right here.