September 27, 2015


Watch The Mowgli's Talk Love, D.C., and Doggie Dates at Landmark Music Fest 2015

“Love, positivity and kindness.” The Mowgli’s, who chatted with Fuse before their set at Washington D.C.’s Landmark Music Festival right before their set yesterday (Sept. 26), aren’t shy about sharing the theme of their 2015 album, Kids In Love. Check out the full video interview in the player above.

The Southern California band brought that loving vibe to the stage on the National Mall yesterday, and singer/percussionist Katie Jayne Earl is quick to note the historic location was part of the fun. “We were lucky enough to… see some of these incredible memorials in our nation’s capitol and now we get to actually do what we do for a living here and play some music in Obama’s backyard. It’s pretty amazing.”

But the group does have one other D.C. to do on their list: get their dog a date with the Obama’s pooch, Bo. “If Bo’s listening,” Katie joked. “We’re here.”

The Landmark Music Festival For the National Mall continues through tonight (Sept. 27). Ticket information is available on the fest's site at