September 14, 2015


They Finally Made a Corn Maze Out of Taylor Swift's Face

You know what they say: You haven't made it till they've designed a corn maze in the shape of your face. So congratulations to Taylor Swift for finally triumphing. Her 1989 Tour has seen guest appearances from the likes of Wiz KhalifaJustin TimberlakeLorde and a million others, but there's no bragging right like being turned into an autumnal challenge that can take anywhere from 30 minutes to a couple hours to complete.

Summers Farm in Frederick, Maryland—a quick hour west of Baltimore—is the one giving Swift the honor this fall. Scope out a bird's-eye view video of the #taylorswiftcornmaze above.

According to Summers Farm's site, the maze takes up 12 acres, features two and a half miles of paths and the corn stalks are classified as "tall." More:

"The maze is divided into phases that will accommodate all age groups. Visitors to the maze at Summers Farm choose the smaller maze for the younger crowd or our super challenging larger maze. This year’s maze features the likeness of Taylor Swift."

You can also do the maze at night on Fridays and Saturdays. Welcome to the corn, welcome to the corn...