September 22, 2015


'The Big Short' Trailer: Ryan Gosling Is Finally, Finally Back

Beard-and-glasses Brad Pitt. Drama-mode, Foxcatcher-mode Steve Carell. Christian Bale drumming on a desk and on a drumset. On any normal day, in any normal film, these would constitute candidacy for greatness.

But The Big Short is the first Ryan Gosling onscreen item since July 2013. Since Only God Forgives, a dud. Since the Gos became a dad, in no way a dud move. Ryan Gosling is back for us. If you watch the trailer above, you'll see Ryan Gosling acting again. Don't let the fact that he's somehow looking like Ryan Reynolds upset you. It's impossible that'll upset you; this is Ryan Gosling.

The Big Short, while A Ryan Gosling Joint, is technically directed by Adam McKay, the Anchorman and Step Brothers who has not made a movie without Will Ferrell until now. Also, he hasn't directed a drama until now. These are big things, especially when they coincide with a movie that eliminates the non-presence of Ryan Gosling in American cinema.

The movie's written by McKay and Charles Randolph, not by Ryan Gosling. It's based on a book by Michael Lewis, who also penned The Blind Side and Moneyball. It's about all that financial housing market Wall Street such-and-such that went down a few years ago. It's out on Christmas. This year, give and receive the gift of Ryan Gosling.