September 28, 2015


Watch Wale Describe Meeting Obama, Twin Shadow Talks D.C. at Landmark 2015

“I actually knew that I was going to make it in rap, but I didn’t think I was going to go to the White House,” Wale said during his video interview with Fuse this weekend at Washington D.C.’s first-ever Landmark Music Festival. “Talk about music and life with the President and first lady and then perform on the National Mall off hip hop? I ain’t never think it was possible." 

Twin Shadow, meanwhile, was excited to perform amid the diversity of the D.C. crowd. “It’s so nice when you get here to see different age groups, different races. It’s just amazing the mix of people who are here,” he said. 

Check out both artists’ interviews in the video player above.

Common theme? The joy of performing the songs on their most recent albums.

“Performing for the hometown crowd at this magnitude at this prestigious location; it’s awesome to me,” D.C. rapper Wale says of playing songs from The Album About Nothing close to home. “I’m just blessed… I put a lot of my heart and soul into it.” 

For Twin Shadow (aka George Lewis Jr.), “We’ve had a lot of time to let [latest release Eclipse] breathe, to let it grow.” And he confirms playing it live continues to be a treat. 

But Wale has his eyes on the future: “I used to want to be the best rapper alive, now I want to be the best songwriter/songmaker alive.