October 6, 2015


PSA: Give 5 Seconds of Summer More Privacy

5 Seconds of Summer are knee-deep in a promo cycle right now leading up to the release of their second studio album, Sounds Good Feels Good. There's been no shortage of killer interviews, giving us real insight into the album and just what makes these boys tick in 2015. They've grown up a bunch, you know?

Today Australian radio personality Smallzy posted a new video with the guys. In it, each band member is given a table tennis paddle that reads "no" on one side and "yes" on the other. Smallzy asks pretty ridiculous, pretty personal questions and 5SOS are expected to answer honestly.

It's all fun and games until he asks the boys "Do you sometimes wish you had more privacy than what you get sometimes?" around the 1:39 mark in the clip above. They all immediately flip their paddles to read "yes." It's not all depressing: Drummer Ashton Irwin clarifies, "Depends when it is. If I'm on holidays, yes. If I'm with the band, no." 

Keep that in mind, 5SOSfam. When it's vacation time, leave 'em alone! They love you to pieces anyway. Oh, and while you're here, make sure to read our list of nine incredible 5SOS fan fiction stories.