October 29, 2015


Alabama Shakes Magnificently Perform "Joe" on 'Colbert'

Late night talk show performances can be pretty paint-by-numbers. But that's not a mode Alabama Shakes are familiar with, and their performance of "Joe" on Late Show with Stephen Colbert on Wednesday night hit us like a freight train barreling full speed at our hearts.

The bonus track from April's luminescent Sound & Color saw frontwoman Brittany Howard in rare no-guitar, just-me-and-the-mic form. The way she overpowers the stage (and audience) without her axe is unreal.

As Colbert was kind enough to inform us, "Joe" is now available on Spotify and iTunes in live form.

2015 has seen Brittany Howard rock not just the sophomore Alabama Shakes album but also the debut album from Thunderbitch, her side project with members of Clear Plastic Masks and Fly Golden Eagle. Their theatrical coming-out party at CMJ 2015 was the stuff of legend.