October 13, 2015


Marvel Editor Axel Alonso Explains Historic Hip Hop Covers at Comic Con

New York Comic Con 2015 went down over the weekend, and from the spectacular cosplay to the news deluge, it was heaven for super-geeks and casual fans alike.

After exclusively premiering five of Marvel's new hip hop variant comic book covers, Fuse had a chance to speak with Marvel editor-in-chief Axel Alonso at NYCC. He told us the musical crossover project was "an ambitious initiative we undertook—it coincided with all-new, all-different Marvel."

Back in January, the successful Run the Jewels variants of Howard the Duck and Deadpool started it all. "For me," Alonso said, "what that did was it confirmed what I always thought was true, which is that a lot of comic book fans are hip hop heads, and a lot of hip hop heads are comic books fans."

Does Alonso have favorites from the 50+ covers featuring three decades' worth of legendary artists? Watch and find out, and also learn how you can get your hands on the Marvel hip hop variant covers. After that, feast your eyes on a few examples, including a Draked-out Silver Surfer and an Ice-T'd Illuminati.